Global Well-Being Reimbursement (GWR) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Global Well-Being Reimbursement is one more way Johnson & Johnson cares about and invests in your well-being, so that you can be your personal best no matter where you are: at work, at home or on the go.

Your total health and well-being is important. That is why we support you with a diverse portfolio of offerings to meet your needs, regardless of where you are in life or on your well-being journey. As we continue to build on our strong foundation of caring, we are excited to provide you with enhanced offerings to stay active, eat healthy, recharge and prioritize your mental well-being.

The reimbursement offers full and part-time employees up to $500* USD per year for taking care of their well-being, including healthy movement, healthy eating, healthy mind and recharge/recover. *Adjusted to reflect relative cost of living, less appropriate taxes.  

Program Information and Eligibility

To enhance the employee experience and encourage healthy movement, nutrition and mindfulness behaviors, we have streamlined GWR reimbursement and participation processes. 

• Employees will now be able to reimburse at any time during the effective calendar year, GWR is now annual 

• Employees will now provide proof of participation through attestation and answering a few simple questions about how their chosen activity helped enhance their health & well-being

Global Well-Being Reimbursement is now annual 

Starting in January 2024, the program is now annual instead of quarterly, streamlining the way employees leverage this benefit. You can reimburse at any time during the year for eligible activities up to the $500* USD annual amount in accordance with revamped activity guideline. Please verify updated requirements per activity. *Adjusted to reflect relative cost of living, less appropriate taxes.  

What happened to Global Exercise Reimbursement?

Global Exercise Reimbursement expanded to cover other well-being areas and was renamed Global Well-Being Reimbursement. This new name better represents J&J’s perspective on and support of employees’ total well-being through the variety of activities available: healthy movement, healthy eating, healthy mind and recharge/recover.

What is Global Well-Being Reimbursement (GWR)?

As part of our mission to become the healthiest workforce, we’re providing employees with flexible resources that support their individual journeys. Johnson & Johnson Global Well-Being Reimbursement offers full- and part-time employees up to $500* USD per year (less appropriate taxes) to personalize and prioritize their well-being, inclusive of healthy movement, healthy eating, healthy mind and recharge/recover. *Adjusted to reflect relative cost of living.

Who is eligible to participate in Global Well-Being Reimbursement?

All active full- and part-time Johnson & Johnson employees are eligible. Individuals working at Johnson & Johnson as interns, co-ops, contractors, or third-party employees are not eligible. 

I’m a new employee. When can I participate? 

J&J employees are eligible on their first day of hire. However, it may take up to four weeks to be able to access the vendor’s system to complete all necessary steps.

Is my family eligible to participate? 

No, only J&J full-time and part-time employees are eligible to participate.

Is HUSK also GlobalFit? 

GlobalFit has rebranded to HUSK. You will not be impacted with this change. 

See other frequently asked questions at the end of document

Accessing Global Well-Being Reimbursement

Where can I access Global Well-Being Reimbursement?

You can access directly via or via Castlight. 

• Sign in to Castlight > Benefits > Global Well-Being Reimbursement 

How do I register? 

Set up your account by selecting the “Sign In” button on your reimbursement landing page Single sign on (SSO) is available. If prompted because you are not connected to the J&J network, enter your WWID and network password to create an account or log in to an existing account. Once this is complete, you will be able to submit your request for reimbursement. For more detailed instructions, view “How to submit GWR” in AskGS.

Eligible Activities

What activities are eligible for reimbursement? 

The following activities are eligible for reimbursement with required proof of payment and/or proof of participation. Non-eligible activities can be found in “Other Frequently Asked Questions”.

1. Healthy Movement

• Fitness Activities and Memberships: Eligible activities include:

Fitness Membership fees: examples include fitness centers, health clubs, studios, aquatic and tennis centers.

Group Exercise Class fees: examples include yoga, Pilates, dance, boxing, self-defense, strength-training, core conditioning, indoor cycling, boot camp, water aerobics, etc.

Personal Training sessions led by a personal trainer that is certified by a nationally recognized and accredited organization.

• Organized Activities, Leagues, and Races: This may include, but is not limited to, entry fees for organized walks/runs/rides (5K, 10K, marathon, etc.) and fees to participate in organized leagues (e.g., softball, bowling, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf). Proof of purchase for an eligible expense is required for reimbursement.

• Virtual Exercise Apps: Examples include Peloton, Mirror, Tonal, Zwift, Strava, Sweat, Beach Body on Demand. Proof of purchase and proof of participation for a minimum of 30 sessions in a year across virtual well-being apps is required to earn reimbursement. 

2. Healthy Mind

• Virtual Mindfulness Apps: Examples include Calm or Headspace. Proof of purchase and proof of participation for a minimum of 30 uses in a year across virtual well-being apps are required to earn reimbursement. 

• Mental Well-Being Workshops and Sessions: Examples include live or prerecorded workshops and sessions focused on meditation, mindfulness, stress reduction, etc. lifestyle coaching** classes are also eligible. Proof of purchase and proof of participation (description of type of session) are required to earn reimbursement. 

** Verify what is available through your local Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider and/or health plan first. Additional mental well-being coaching sessions may be reimbursed through GWR.

• Mental Well-Being Supportive Accessories: Examples include therapeutic accessories such as light therapy lamps, white noise machines for sleep, meditation and focus-supportive accessories such as noise cancellation headset/earbuds. Also, well-being supportive books (e.g., cooking, self-help, exercise, sleep) are eligible.  Proof of purchase and proof of participation (description of accessory or book) are required to earn reimbursement.

3. Healthy Eating

• Nutrition Counseling1, either done in person or virtually, with a health professional that has special training in nutrition (e.g., Registered Dietitian; Nutritionist). This expert can educate and help an individual set priorities, establish goals, and create personalized action plans to make healthier food choices and form healthy eating habits. Proof of purchase and participation (description of healthier nutrition for example) are required for reimbursement.

1 Verify if you have nutrition sessions through your local health plan. Additional sessions may be reimbursed through Global Well-Being Reimbursement. If you have already paid for the health plan nutrition counseling, GWR will not be eligible, only additional nutrition sessions.


• Cooking Classes taken in-person or virtually, to learn better ways to prepare meals. Training in an in-person setting with functional kitchen or virtual format using in-home kitchen. Includes education around food preparation and hands-on demonstration / instruction. Proof of purchase and participation (description of a meal from class) required for reimbursement.

• Virtual Nutrition Apps with nutrition programs such as Weight Watchers, Lumen, Noom. Healthy eating education and support for behavior change through an app or web format. Includes evidenced-based instruction with opportunity for users to engage in a practical way through activities, tracking, and/or viewing content. Proof of purchase and proof of participation in 30 uses/activities across virtual well-being apps are required for reimbursement.

• Fruits, Vegetables, Healthy Snacks purchased through CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Farm Share programs, local fruit and vegetable stands, health food stores, grocery stores and wholesale clubs. Includes healthy snack boxes (i.e., Graze). Proof of purchase (i.e., printed receipt from vendor, credit card charge, or electronic payment such as Venmo, Cashapp, etc. to vendor’s business account) and proof of participation (description of purchased vegetables, fruits, healthy snacks) are required for reimbursement. 

• Healthy Meal Subscriptions, purchase of meal kits which provide healthier choices; ready for home cooking / consumption (e.g., HelloFresh, Freshly, Mindful Chef, Gousto, Sodexo, Compass). Proof of purchase (printed receipt from vendor, credit card charge, or electronic payment i.e., Venmo, Cashapp, etc to vendor’s business account) and proof of participation (description of purchased healthy meal delivery box) are required for reimbursement.    

4. Recharge and Recover

• Massage Therapy: Massage sessions completed by a licensed professional. Proof of purchase and proof of participation (description of the activity completed) are required for reimbursement. *Tip/gratuity expenses associated with the session(s) are excluded and not eligible for reimbursement.

• Well-being Seminars, Retreats and Resources: Well-being related seminars or retreats, including life, wellness, yoga, happiness, rest/recharge-related topics and well-being supportive books are eligible for reimbursement. Proof of purchase and participation (description of the purchased item) are required for reimbursement.

• Virtual Recharge Apps: Applications that promote recharge/recover (e.g., sleep support) are eligible for reimbursement. Proof of purchase and proof of participation in 30 uses/activities across well-being apps are required for reimbursement.

5. Equipment

• Indoor Exercise Equipment: Exercise equipment purchased for at-home fitness activities is eligible for reimbursement. Options are limited to cardiovascular, strength and flexibility at home gym equipment. Examples of eligible expenses include, treadmills, ellipticals, indoor bikes, rowing machines, stability balls, free weights, medicine balls, exercise bands, exercise mats, gliders, kettlebells, jump ropes, suspension trainers, weight benches, weight plates and activity trackers. Proof of purchase for an eligible expense and proof of participation (description of purchased equipment) are required for reimbursement.

• Recharge & Recover Equipment: Examples of eligible expenses include personal massagers (i.e., Theragun, Hyperice), inversion tables, ice baths, compression boots, heating and cooling pads, braces, wraps, etc. Proof of purchase for an eligible expense and proof of participation (description of purchased equipment) are required for reimbursement. 

Submission Process

What documentation is needed to process my reimbursement? 

You will be asked to submit a receipt or other verifiable form of documentation from the organization sponsoring the activity as proof of purchase. In addition, Johnson & Johnson may require that you utilize your chosen activity a minimum number of times per year. To provide proof of participation, you can, for example:

• For proof of participation: provide descriptions of activities such as classes, sessions, items purchased

• For proof of purchase: examples of acceptable documentation include receipt from vendor, credit card statement or bank statement with the charges

Where do I submit my information for reimbursement? 

All supporting documentation for your request can be uploaded through your reimbursement account, which can be accessed by visiting or through Castlight.  

How do you define a year for reimbursement? 

The requirement for reimbursement is defined strictly as calendar year January -December. Submissions for annual expenses can be made until the deadline of January 31 of the following year. Purchases and participation must be within reimbursement calendar year.

Can I submit my purchases from last year for reimbursement?

Purchases of program options that require proof of participation, such as fitness activities and memberships made in the previous year may be submitted as long as the activity occurs in the current calendar year. The purchase of any equipment must be made in the current year in order to be eligible for reimbursement. A valid proof of purchase and/or participation must be provided for all expenses.

What formats are acceptable when submitting the required documentation for reimbursement?

Supporting documentation can be uploaded in JPEG, GIF, TIFF, or PDF formats, and should not exceed 500KB. 

How can I confirm that my reimbursement has been processed? 

Once you log into your reimbursement account, you will be able to view your submission and the associated status.

How can I obtain a copy of the reimbursement form that I submitted?

If you need a copy of your reimbursement form, please print the document submission screen for your records. 


How and when will I receive my reimbursement? 

You will receive your reimbursement through your Johnson & Johnson Payroll. You may log into the reimbursement platform to check the status.  

After submission, how long does it take for my reimbursement to be processed and appear in my paycheck?

It will take approximately 2 payroll periods for your reimbursement to be received. 

What happens to reimbursement for employees leaving Johnson & Johnson? 

For employees who are leaving Johnson & Johnson, reimbursements will be issued as part of the final paycheck. Please note reimbursement can take 1-2 payroll periods. Therefore, reimbursement timing is key to ensure that it is received prior to leaving the company as reimbursements are strictly done through J&J payroll.

What happens to my reimbursement if I get permanently transferred to another country/market during the year?

For employees who get permanently transferred to another country/market during the year, the change will be reflected in the reimbursement platform in 4-6 weeks. The % of annual reimbursement will be considered as well as the difference (if applicable) of the new country/market annual amount.

Is there anything that might cause delays in receiving my reimbursement? 

Providing incorrect or incomplete information, not meeting payment and/or usage requirements are some factors that might lead to delays or cause your reimbursement to be declined. If the item you reimbursed for is not eligible, the reimbursement will be declined.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum reimbursement? 

The maximum reimbursement is up to $500* USD/year, less appropriate income taxes across all programs. For countries/markets outside of the US, verify your annual approved amount with your local Employee Health & Well-Being team as the amounts are adjusted to reflect relative cost of living. *Adjusted to reflect relative cost of living.

Why do income taxes have to be taken out? 

Reimbursement of the services and/or memberships covered under this program is considered a taxable fringe benefit in most markets. All reimbursements are processed through Johnson & Johnson Payroll and appropriate income taxes are withheld per local market-specific regulations. Consult your tax advisor for additional information.

Can I submit more than one request for reimbursement – for example, one for a gym membership, then another one for a cooking class?

You can submit multiple expenses up to the reimbursable amount per year assuming you have completed the proof of payment and/or proof of participation required. The maximum reimbursement is up to $500* USD/year, less appropriate income taxes, across all programs. *Adjusted to reflect relative cost of living.

How can I be sure my activity/item is reimbursable?

Before purchasing, we recommend contacting HUSK at if you have questions about eligible activities/items you are planning to reimburse for. 

What types of items do not qualify for reimbursement?

Examples of expenses that are not eligible for reimbursement include but are not limited to:

• Equipment: clothing and accessories, water bottles, infrared saunas, electric and hybrid electric mechanical bikes, electric scooters, etc.

• Healthy Eating: multivitamins, coconut water, sports drinks, dietary supplements, pre-workout supplements, etc. 

• Virtual Apps: free applications where no cost is incurred by the employee, apps unrelated to well-being or without the sole purpose being to enhance well-being

• Healthy Mind: retreats or events where its sole purpose is not well-being related, travel expenses to the retreats such as gas, meals, or transportation; general travel for pleasure or tour groups. Also, not eligible for reimbursement are lamps for regular household use or items obtained on eMarketplace.


I have a family membership that covers my spouse/partner and myself.  How do I submit reimbursement for my part of the membership?

Only J&J full time and part time employees are eligible for reimbursement, however since many vendors offer family pricing packages, employees can submit the receipt for a family membership while noting the individual cost for their portion of the membership. The individual cost is typically provided when you sign up for a membership and/or in the package detail. The employee must provide proof of purchase and/or proof of participation required to be eligible for reimbursement.

I’m already a member of a gym. Am I eligible to participate? 

Yes, regardless of whether you have just joined a gym, or you have been a member for years, all full- and part-time employees are eligible for Global Well-Being Reimbursement. 

Will onsite Fitness Centers remain?

Yes, Global Well-Being Reimbursement is offered in addition to onsite Fitness Centers and provides onsite and remote employees with additional, convenient opportunities to incorporate movement into their lives.  

There is an on-site Fitness Center at my J&J location. Can I submit for reimbursement for any applicable employee-paid fees (i.e., membership, group exercise**, personal training)? 

Full time and part time J&J employees are eligible to participate and submit for reimbursement for applicable fees/activities, even if these activities are offered through an on-site J&J Fitness Center that charges employees.  

**J&J locations that provide Group Exercise classes as part of their no cost Fitness Center Memberships would not be eligible for reimbursement.

Can I get reimbursed for fitness equipment I purchase for home-use?

Yes. This is a program enhancement launched in 2020 in support of voice of employee and our need to adapt to the broader environment. This includes reimbursement for the purchase of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training equipment that will help you stay physically active from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Can I be reimbursed for National Park passes?

Yes, under the category of Organized Activities, Leagues, and Races you can enjoy reimbursement for National or Local Park pass fees that provide access to a variety of outdoor physical activities, such as walking, hiking, biking, and more. 

Technical Support 

If I have questions or difficulties, who can I contact for support?

For assistance with Global Well-Being Reimbursement, refer to the Technical Support details for your specific market (either via or AskGS).

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