Johnson & Johnson Global Health Services

Exercise Reimbursement Program

<p>The final 2022 reimbursement deadline was November 18, 2022 due to a system freeze that will remain in place through the end of the year. Any 2022 reimbursement requests submitted after November 18 cannot be approved (this includes Home Gym Equipment and other eligible activities). This program will be available again in January of 2023.</p><p>Move more, pay less. </p><p>Every full- or part-time J&J employee is eligible to receive up to $100 USD a quarter- or $400 USD a year (adjusted to reflect relative cost of living; less appropriate taxes)- to participate in the fitness activities of your choice. Activities include: </p><li>Fitness center membership fees</li><li>Group exercise classes</li><li>Personal training sessions</li><li>Organized activities, leagues, and races</li><li>Virtual subscriptions </li><li>Home gym equipment</li>

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